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Ines Spanier
Traces/Elements - August 19 until September 16, 2023


In my work, I am concerned with the graphic scanning of human traces of everyday life and their translation into an imaginary, archaeological depth space.

I use my own photos of surfaces and structures from my everyday surroundings. In this way, a steadily growing archive of templates has emerged over the last few years, which serve me as motifs. From this archive, I select photos of a certain theme that seem interesting to me and that I would like to further explore and investigate in the drawing. Before I start a new drawing, I only have a rough idea of what the finished picture might look like. I proceed very intuitively. So I choose a photograph that particularly fascinates me and start by transferring a section onto the paper with a pencil or coloured pencil. From there, I keep working my way forward, stopping as soon as a photo no longer appeals to me and choosing a new one, which I combine and collage with the drawing I have started. In this way, the work behaves like a living organism that is constantly growing and developing new forms and shapes that move further and further away from the original motif. (Ines Spanier)

We are looking forward to our first exhibition of drawings by Ines Spanier.
We are showing a selection of the sheets from the last 5 years, most of which were drawn over many weeks or months.

In the context of digitalisation, there is a lot of talk about storage media. Ines Spanier's drawings are storage media in the analogue world. They inscribe conditions created by processes of decay, man-made traces, on paper in a drawing process seemingly removed from time.

Time plays an essential role in my drawings. The motifs that occupy me represent very different temporal levels: The flow time of a coffee stain on the abrupt scratch marks in the grains of a wooden table that have grown over decades, for example. The long duration of graphic transfer and redevelopment then transposes these stratifications into a further temporal level. (Ines Spanier)

Most recently, works by Spanier were shown at the Kunstverein Villa Wessel in Iserlohn and at the Galerie du Haut Pavé in Paris.null